Tuesday, 9 October 2007

The problem with the HOYS website (Horse of the Year Show) is…

We’d been watching HOYS with interest – particularly as our sponsored rider Abbie was interviewed by Sky TV sporting one of our latest hoodies. We’ll be adding an ‘As featured on Sky TV’ flash to the site sometime when we can get round to it...!

We felt a little removed from the action relying on the TV coverage, so have been trying for most of the past week to go onto the HOYS website and have a surf. However it keeps returning a ‘Server Unavailable’ error. Not such a great thing when you organise such a big event, populate your website with all the up-to-date information, and then during the week of the event……no website. Oops!

Today we had a look and some bits of the site were working, some weren’t. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted for next year, we expect others share our browsing frustration!

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Rena said...

Interesting to know.